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Cupid's Dark Dream
Walk with Me
Last Lifeboat
Morning Dew
Naked Flame
Double Trouble

Boneman's latest with the debut of Charlie Raby on guitar and Will Raby on Bass.

The ravaging bushfires inspired Boneman to write 'Walk With Me'.

'Last Lifeboat' is a romantic tragedy about a couple

left adrift on a dark ocean of love.

The previous recording of 'Morning Dew' has been reinvented,

Boneman felt with the new line-up that this was fitting.

Originally penned by Bonnie Dobson as a post-apocalyptic folk song,

Boneman paints dark imagery from this perpetuating human condition.

'Naked Flame' describes a vindictive femme phantom,

that comes to claim unsuspecting victims.

'Double Trouble' was inspired by late 70s early punk and new-wave.

Danny Young. An Australian legend, extraordinary vocalist and performer.

Danny engineered and co produced this work.
His studio, Electric Tree, provided the right energy for our art.
Donovan Whitworth mixed the art to produce an epic work.
Donovan has worked with:
Queens of the Stone Age, Alice in Chains, Chris Cornell, Beastie Boys, and Heart.

Boneman's remake of a traditional tune from the last century.

Performed previously by Nina Simone, this traditional gospel takes on a

different tangent with a rock version by Boneman.

Vocals & viola by Hendrik de Vries, Drums by Pete Moffitt, Bass by Clint Topic.

Recorded and engineered by Clint Topic at Sawtooth Studios

Original Boneman tune about the least discussed sense, the one of touch.

Vocals & viola by Hendrik de Vries, Drums by Pete Moffitt, Bass by Clint Topic.

Recorded and engineered by Clint Topic at Sawtooth Studios

Recorded and engineered by Sean Ballenden and Clint Topic at Sawtooth Studios.
Vocals, viola & piano by Hendrik de Vries. Drums by Pete Moffitt.

Guitars by Sean Ballenden, Bass by Clint Topic.

'Walkin' Times' is a modern classic about blues, relationships and creating your destiny.


'Tattoo Room' tells the story of a lady who discovers a remote fairground where a tattoo parlour offers to create ink on skin that describe your innermost dreams.

She undergoes her transformation but discovers the fairground is actually in her deepest imagination and vapourises into thin air as soon as she has her final ink made.

The ink work remains, covering her entire body.

'The Dogwood Tree' tells the story of promises made underneath an old dogwood tree.

'Mr Colourful' is a song about relationship demise. Another blues-inspired story.

Boneman self-titled debut E.P.
Recorded & engineered by Sean Ballenden at Bourke Street Studios Maitland. Vocals & viola by Hendrik de Vries, Guitars & dobro by Sean Ballenden,
Morning Dew vocals by Harmonie Harris.

This E.P. is a stripped back, mostly acoustic recording when Boneman's journey began.

'Morning Dew' is the remake of a  folk tune originally penned by Bonnie Dobson.  Boneman's version is darker in sonic presentation. The dual vocal by Hendrik and Harmonie shows the conversation quality of the lyric.

'Purple' is a song about an epiphanic moment that can make the individual take a good hard look in the mirror, take stock of a situation and move on.

'Sally Jane' is a tale of retribution.
Sally takes her abusive partner to Lovers Landing and deals with the situation the only way she can.


'Today' tells the story of what seemed undying love.

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